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There are so many things that can affect your mental health. Often the results are tragic and devastating. However, you can get help from our expert psychologist, Dr. Bita. She is a mental illness specialist with years upon years of experience in the profession. She will therefore be of great help in assisting you control or completely eradicate a certain mental problem. There are some mental conditions that can be treated and others that can only be managed.

Achieve the best from your mental health

The status of your mental faculties can have a great impact on every aspect of your life. This is why it is always important to seek the help of a health specialist dealing with the mind like Dr. Bita. If you are not healthy, mentally, then you will not be physically fine either. What makes mental health even more difficult to handle sometimes is the fact that most illnesses are as a result of our daily activities.

What is mental illness?

A mental illness is the disruption of the minds activities such that it is not able to function effectively and appropriately. There are so many different mental illnesses, some of them so common that people tend to think of them as normal characteristics of an individual, for example anxiety. Anxiety is not normal in any way, especially if it makes your life dysfunctional.

This is why our professional psychologist Dr. Bita is an important option to consider. Her expertise stems partly from her training as a clinical psychologist and partly from her experience. She has been practicing psychology for very many years now in Montreal and Westmount. So if you are looking for an expert Montreal mental health specialist, then Dr. Bita is the person for you.