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Anger, fury, annoyance whatever you want to call it is a very terrible emotion. It is healthy to experience anger, but when you are not able to manage it, then it is totally unhealthy. Anger, like any other emotion, should not be bottled up and pushed aside, it should be dealt with. But honestly, how easy is it to deal with anger? How can you control yourself when you are angry? Dr. Bita, psychologist in Montreal, Westmount and their environs, will help you develop the much needed anger management skills.

Learning to control anger

Admittedly, controlling anger is not a skill that comes easily to all people. This is why a professional psychologist is of great importance. Dr. Bita has been assisting clients in Montreal and Westmount with the matter of controlling and managing their anger effectively. Learning how to control anger might be very easy, but management of the same is a totally different case.

Remember that management of anger involves both controlling the anger and also dealing with it effectively. Instead of taking it out on your children or spouse, you can do something constructively. There are people who are very creative when they are angry. If you are such a person, there are many things that you can do to deal with your anger drawing, composing music and so forth are just some of the many options you have.

Anger management skills

Dr. Bita offers effective anger management training in Montreal and Westmount. This is an ability that stems from her training as a psychologist and experience in practice. She has been able to help many clients with anger management issues over time. Each client comes in with their specific needs and she makes sure that they are met. To learn anger management skills in Montreal and Westmount, you can contact Dr. Bita.