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Mental wellbeing is an integral part of every human life. The moment there is a disturbance in the balance of your physical, mental and emotional health, there is going to be a terrible problem in your life as well. This is why the services offered by our expert Montreal psychologist, Dr. Bita, are of great importance. Dr. Bita is a renowned clinical psychologist in Montreal, but she offers her psychology services to many other places including Laval, Westmount, Toronto and others.

What makes an expert Montreal psychologist?

What makes the an expert psychologist is rather a difficult question to answer. However, as clients seeking to find a psychologist, there are several factors that you could take consideration to help with your choice of psychologist, psychotherapist, or counselor. You can start by checking their qualifications such as their degree, training, specialties, and years of experience.

The other factor that you may want to consider is if he or she a good match for your needs? This information can be obtained, at least some extend, by visiting the website; the gender and age of the psychologist might be important to you, the fee, accessibility of the services, promptness of responding to your first contact, and level of professionalism displayed.

Furthermore, you can also ask yourself questions such as: Do I feel comfortable with her? Do I feel understood and supported by her?

The target of Dr. Bitas psychology services in Montreal, Laval, and West Island, is to make sure that all her clients are able to attain the maximum mental wellness that they can possibly muster. She does this by ensuring her services are easy to access regardless of your location.

Psychological services on offer

The services offered by Dr. Bita, a Montreal psychologist, are varied, but still the goal is being mentally healthy. Therefore, whether you are looking for depression and anxiety treatment or you want child and family therapy, you can consult Dr. Bita.

Trained clinical psychology

Dr. Bita is a highly trained as well as experienced clinical psychologist in Montreal. She holds years of experience in the profession. This has enabled her to help her clients more effectively. She carries out assessments, diagnosis as well as develops treatment strategies for various psychological conditions.