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Panic Attacks with Dr. Bita

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Anxiety attacks are an infrequent but very uncomfortable, scary, and yet not very dangerous symptom of general anxiety. Sometimes, life stressors can occur very close together and when they do, the anxiety felt from all of these stressors are then felt simultaneously. In turn, that increases the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed. Our Montreal psychologists are the go-to source of relief for panic attacks.

Although the anxiety attacks can be alleviated, the underlying problem is the general anxiety in itself. Healing and treating this problem of anxiety is the only way to find a permanent solution of anxiety attacks. By seeking short-term solution, you may become dependent on this type of treatment, and it requires a very experienced therapist to prevent that from happening.

Our anxiety specialists can help you overcome your stress and independently seek out the best that life has to offer with emotional relief. Delaying this with short-term solutions, or simply avoiding the problem entirely leads to physical health troubles such as hypertension, and myocarditis. Do not wait, call us now to prevent a heart attack at 1-855-382-2482.