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Depression is quickly becoming the number one killer in the world, second only to cancer and road carnage. Few people understand the magnitude of what being depressed means. There are so many times that you would hear someone claim that they are depressed. What exactly are the depression symptoms that they are exhibiting? Well, the signs of depression are rather obvious sometimes. Still, you need the help of a psychologist to assess and make a diagnosis of the condition.

Common signs of depression

Can you tell when your friend is depressed? It is very possible to note a few signs and symptoms of depression after which you should advise your friend to visit a psychologist in your area of residence. If you live in Montreal, Westmount and their environs you can easily access professional psychology services of Dr. Bita, whom can trust to help you resolve the problem effectively.

One common sign among patients with depression is that they do not even tell people that they are depressed. Someone who tells you that they are feeling depressed should not be a problem. The problem is always that person who does not tell you they are depressed and they also have no idea they are. Other signs to look out for are withdrawal from social engagements, disinterest in personal care and neglecting responsibilities.

Diagnosing from depression symptoms

The signs pointed out above can also be symptoms of another condition like drug addiction. This is where Dr. Bita will assist you as an expert psychologist in Montreal and Westmount. She is able to conduct an assessment and diagnose aptly. It could be depression, stress or something else. Seek the help of our expert Montreal psychologist to get the correct diagnosis.