Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar with Dr. Bita

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Contrary to popular belief, manic depression otherwise known as bipolar disorder is not a simple case of being moody. In reality, it is a condition characterized by prolonged periods of a certain mood, elevated, neutral, or depressed. The duration of each period lasts anywhere between a few hours to a few months, but once it is over, an alternate mood becomes dominant. Our Montreal psychologists make every effort to help you recognize your mood and act accordingly.

By helping you act according to your mood, we can limit the damages that you may be susceptible to inflicting, whether it is on yourself or onto others. Moreover, we can also help you increase your pleasure level, in life. With the help of these coping skills, you can take pride in winning the fight against manic depression.

Bipolar disorder is a condition that can put your finances, social circle, and life at jeopardy. For that reason, it is important to develop skills necessary for managing your mood; otherwise, the consequences are normally very disastrous. Call 1-855-382-2482 to control your mood, instead of it controlling you.