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Sex therapy is not something many individuals are willing to discuss publicly. Sex is as private as many things can get. It is often embarrassing to many people when they have to disclose the details of their sex life to others. However, research has proven that sex is one of the causes of many divorces and family breakups. Good sex is of a great importance. Both parties must be satisfied otherwise there will be a strain in the relationship. This is why a sex therapist is vital. In addition to being a clinical psychologist, Dr. Bita is a trained sex therapist in Montreal and Westmount.

Problems addressed by sex therapy

Sex therapists can help solve a myriad of problems in sexual relationships. Dr. Bita has been helping clients in Montreal and Westmount to handle their sexual problems. One of the common problems that she encounters is erectile dysfunction. Now this is one sexual disorder that can really put a dent into a mans confidence in bed.

Erectile dysfunction is common among men over the age of 40. However, it has also been reported by men as young as 20. How can you overcome erectile dysfunction? Dr. Bita is a professional psychologist who will train you on the best ways to keep this condition under control. You do not have to purchase a cocktail of pills in order to solve this problem.

The other problems that can be solved through sex therapy include premature ejaculation, sexual pain disorders (very common with women) and sexual addiction. Pain disorders can make sex impossible. The same is the case with sexual addiction.

Sexual addiction is a common problem with men, but even women can become sex addicts. This condition can lead to a whole lot of other sexual habits including extramarital sexual activity and even paying for sex. Dr. Bita is a qualified professional to help you out in Montreal if you need any kind of sex therapy.